Tempat Wisata Hist di Medan dan Sekitarnya yang Lagi Hits 2023

Beberapa Bulan mendatang akan banyak wisatawan dari berbagai penjuru dunia berbondong-bondong ke Sumatera Utara. Tepatnya pada 6-9 Desember nanti, Festival Danau Toba bakal kembali diselenggarakan.

Kalau kamu datang ke festival tersebut, ada beberapa tempat wisata hist yang menawan selain Danau Toba, lho. Beberapa di antaranya sudah terkenal hingga mancanegara.

1. Gedung London Sumatera

Tempat wisata hist ke-1 adalah Gedung London Sumatera, Mengusung bangunan bergaya Eropa, Gedung London Sumatera berlokasi di Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani. Gedung yang didominasi warna putih ini telah berdiri sejak 1906.

Pada masanya, gedung lima lantai ini berfungsi sebagai kantor perdagangan dan perkebunan. Selain dekat pusat kuliner, gedung ini masih digunakan sebagai gedung perkantoran milik PT PP London Sumatera.

2. Kampung Ladang

Tempat wisata hist ke-2 adalah Kampung Ladang ,merupakan tempat wisata outbond di Jalan Tunjungan, Tanjung Anom, Deli Serdang. Kamu hanya perlu membayar Rp 5.000 untuk menikmatinya sepanjang pukul 08.00 hingga 18.00.

Kampung Ladang menawarkan suasana pedesaan yang asri dengan beragam perlengkapan berstandar internasional. Banyak wahanan permainan di sini, seperti ATV, sampan, flying foxpaint ball, trampolin, dan banyak lainnya.

3. Danau Linting

Tempat wisata hist ke-3 adalah Danau Linting ,Medan juga punya air terjun menarik yang berlokasi di desa Durin Sirugun, Kecamatan Sibolangit, Deli Serdang. Diperlukan waktu sekitar 2 jam dari Medan untuk mengunjungi air terjun ini.

Ada pula telaga yang airnya berwarna dua. Warna biru untuk air dingin dan putih yang terasa hangat. Kamu harus memiliki fisik yang kuat, karena harus menelusuri hutan dulu selama dua jam.

4. Menara Padang Tele

Tempat wisata hist ke-4 adalah Menara Padang Tele, Saat berkunjung ke Danau Toba, tempat ini sangat baik untuk kamu singgahi. Kamu dapat menikmati keindahan pemandangan Danau Toba yang sangat memesona.

Menara Pandang Tele memiliki tiga tingkatan yang masing-masing memiliki jarak pandang yang berbeda. Biaya masuknya hanya sekitar Rp 2.000, lokasinya berada di dalam Kabupaten Samosir.

The best paintball guns for 2023

The tactical nature of paintball is an entertaining and dynamic way to get moving and let off steam. These games require physical skills and are a great way to solve problems and develop other cognitive skills.

Whether you’re already obsessed with the game or want to give it a try, we’ve got a list of paintball markers you can use to take your level up a notch. They are highly rated, offer long-lasting gameplay, and offer multiple customization options to make the gun your own. No matter if it’s an aggressively styled Tippmann Cronus, Elite Dye M3+ or a sidearm from Walther, we have the right choice for you.


Tippmann Cronus – The best budget option

Tippmann Cronus Tactical
The Tippmann Cronus line is a great way for beginners to get into the game with a reliable marker that the bank doesn’t blow. It’s also a great choice as a secondary paintball gun with high-quality features and lots of customization options for later.

It contains a removable barrel shield and shaft with plenty of room for adjustments, including red dots and grips. The impact-resistant composite case is extremely durable and realistic with an aggressive tactical style. It’s conveniently weighted and the inline bolt system keeps things simple and reliable.

It’s a reliable option for beginners to advanced users who want some experience with tactical style markers but aren’t ready for a higher quality model. If you expand your skills, Tippmann also offers many customization options for frames.


Empire Paintball Mini GS – Best for small frames

Empire Paintball Mini Side
The Mini GS is an excellent choice for smaller players who want speed and accuracy minus the weight. This version comes with an upgraded grip and an aluminum barrel. Despite its small size, it is no toy as it has a weather-resistant frame and self-lubricating brushes to reduce pressure on the trigger.

Removing the one-knob tank is easy, but you have to remove screws to get to the pressure-controlled disc motor. Minimal recoil and very little noise prevent your position from being lost, while multiple shooting options add variety to your angle of attack. You can upgrade things internally to better adapt it to your playing style and conditions.

Uncomfortable with larger frames as the light shaft can get a little out of control without the right size. However, if you hate how some of the larger tactical style markers are handled, this may help your problem.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Best For Weather Variations
2-sided Planet Eclipse Etha
The Etha 2 is a highly reliable and versatile paintball gun with lots of technology to ensure you get the edge on your possession. It is a .68 caliber with an extremely durable shell and exclusive gamma core control valve actuators for a wide range of terrain and weather conditions. Once frozen, your marker is ready to use.

It has an ultra-reactive trigger with a tubeless leakage reduction system, all of which are connected to a microswitch. Fully adjustable boards give you more control so switching between firing modes is more natural. The LED indicators are universal for monitoring setups.

If you play outside in any weather, this is a great choice. This gives you a lot of freedom to play without having to worry about temperature fluctuations or other environmental influences.

Empire Paintball BT Dfender – Best for hyperfast play
Empire Paintball BT Dfender page
For those of you looking for a clear line of sight, the BT Dfender takes a unique, aggressively designed approach. This removes the loader from its typical location – on top of the gun – and puts it in the inventory. The result is a beast with clear and minimal sight lines.

A selector switch offers five ignition modes, while the housing is highly durable for a variety of weather conditions. It fits in the arm for shooting on the move and has a smaller silhouette to hide your location. Hyperfast shots help you not to sacrifice accuracy.

You get an uncomplicated, but very fast gaming experience when you get stuck and need to achieve significant effects quickly and accurately. Plus, his aggressive style looks great in action.

Dye M3 + MOSair Paintball Marker – Best Splurge
DYE M3 Paintball Gun Side
The M3+ is one of the most high-end options on the market with a price tag to match, but it’s a compromise, one we’re willing to take. You can customize nearly every aspect of these markers with updated paint sizes and closure geometries.

The gun has no screws or exposed plates and opted for Dye’s Slide & Lock Airport (SLAP) instead. It offers optimized flow control and two-speed operation with a smooth initial release for accuracy and subsequent speed increases. The BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade increases shooting speed with reduced feedback. This is a marker of the future of paintball.

These are paintball markers you never thought you’d see in your life. Thanks to sufficient capacity in a near-perfect case, you risk catching nothing while moving. It is very light and equipped with high-tech features.

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ – Best Gun
T4E Walther Paintball Gun Yard
For pistol purposes, this pistol style paintball marker offers a realistic 9 mm format design with a wide chamber design. for customization. It’s heavy, but nice to hold, with a sturdy case and a powerful shot. It may not be your primary weapon, but it can be dispatched in a pinch.

It has an adjustable guard and an eight-round magazine. It runs on CO2 and has a Picatinny accessory rail for lasers or other sights. They have a wide range of ammunition with .43 caliber paintballs, powder bullets or rubber balls and a fire power of up to 355 feet per second. It is also suitable for service holsters.

The ultra-realistic feel is also great for practicing when you need to be up-to-date. It’s a solid choice for a sidearm and gives you an easy way to get more out of your session every time.

Tippmann A5 Sniper – Best Long Range
Tippmann A5 Sniper ahead
If you need something reliable with longer range, the old reliable A5 gets an extension with this particular housing. It uses a classic A5 frame with an extended 20-inch barrel for great range and accuracy.

Targeted support from Red Dot helps you reach far-reaching objectives, while Tippmann’s customizable approach gives you plenty of room for your weapon to grow with you. It uses a collapsible shaft for greater comfort when aiming and a 45 degree offset visor rail for lowering.

This case is custom made, but for long distance purposes, it is one of the best options on the market. Plus, the A5’s frame lets you customize your weapon in different ways to play better on the court.

7 Best RC Car Brands, Alternative Hobby for Automotive Lovers

In the past few months, many car enthusiasts have turned their hobby to remote control (RC) cars as an alternative hobby. So, Carmudian who wants to follow this trend can see Carmudi’s recommendations for the best RC car brands.

Before discussing this RC in more depth, it’s good to know the types that exist first.

Types of RC Cars

In fact, this RC car is divided into two categories; hobbies and toys.

As we all know, toy RC cars are generally designed to be played by children.

Now, for the hobby RC car category, it is more for adults who want better quality and of course have a higher price tag, better design, and more complicated assembly.

Among automotive enthusiasts, because of various limitations in their activities, RC cars have become popular again during the pandemic. Those who buy RC are generally to fill their free time when they are bored just staying at home.

Here are recommendations for the best RC car brands.

Best RC Car Brand Recommendations

Tamiya Model Kit

The first RC car brand and still one of the best is Tamiya. This one brand may already be familiar to some people, because it has been around since 1953.

For those Carmudians who are happy with RC cars and have their original car shape, Tamiya can be an option. This Japanese brand often releases legendary model RC cars such as the Land Cruiser, Pajero, Subaru, Lancia Delta, and many others.

For the price, it is quite expensive, starting from Rp. 1 million to Rp. 7 million, depending on the model.

Still not expensive?

Don’t worry, there are many more, really, RC Tamiya, which is expensive.

Traxxas Nitro Rustler

For those who like speed, Traxxas Nitro Rustler is a perfect buy. This one remote control car is because it can go up to speeds of more than 70 km/hour!

Why is the Traxxas Nitro Rustler RC car fast?

This toy is equipped with a TRX 2.5 engine which has very good performance. For the middle to high level, this is one of the best brands.

One of the advantages of this type is that it has a bluetooth network on the remote module so that the range of the transmitter will be farther and more accurate when played.

Top Race RS Monster Truck

Then one of the other best RC car brands is Top Race RS Monster Truck. This brand is famous for using thick rubber tires so that it can be played in both indoor and outdoor areas without having to reduce performance.

In terms of dimensions, this type is relatively small and quite compact because its size is only 30x15x12.5 cm. Model-wise, this RC car carries the design of a buggy car using an AA model battery.

HPI Racing Mustang Drift

In terms of specifications, it is almost the same as the Top Race RS Monster Truck, but the HPI Racing Mustang Drift is a mini version of the drifting car used by a freestyler from the United States, Ken Block.

The color is black with the Monster Energy-Ford collaboration livery.

This type of RC car has a lot of power but is suitable for beginners.

It’s not wrong if many people buy this type of RC car because the design is already cool when you open it from the box. Buyers only need to make a few modifications according to taste.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

The next brand is Redcat Racing with the Volcano EPX Electric Truck type which has a monster truck style design. The tires are large with a blue-and-white alloy body and a Volcano sticker on the side.

This RC car has a light weight in almost all of its component parts.

To operate the remote must be equipped with two AA type batteries.

Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno

Another of the best RC car brands comes from Holy Stone with the code 2962A which has the Lamborghini Veneno model.

This toy car shaped like a sports car has a slightly different remote design because it’s like a game console joystick lever. In the remote there are antennas, door locks, indicators, and brakes.

The advantage of this toy is that it has a gravity sensor. Despite its small size, its speed can reach 32 km/hour. It’s pretty cool, too.

Traxxas Splash Pro

The last brand included as a recommendation for Carmudi’s version of the RC car brand is the Traxxas Splash Pro 2WD Short-Course Truck model. Traxxas always seems to have succeeded in creating cool remote control toys.

Besides being able to shoot up to speeds of 60 km/hour, this toy also has good enough durability that it is suitable for both children and adults to play.